Hey, I Am Jan. Since 1994.

For me, photography is more than taking pictures. Its telling stories.
Since 2015, I work in portraiture, advertising and productphotography. I am driven by the pursuit of beauty, aesthetic and photography with heart.
I combine both worlds: the claim to be authentic and real with techniques of digital retouching. In the end, I try to get pictures that have something to tell.

Magazines, personalities and companies I worked for:

Barons and Bastards, The Players Magazine, Salzburger Nachrichten, Journal der Herrenmode, Manager Magazin, Vintage Flaneur, EMS Lounge, EDEKA, Flic Flac Event, ZusammenKunst Rheinberg, EDUARD MEIER München, „Der Gentleman“ Bernhard Roetzel, Alexander Friedrich Consort, TWEED Magazine, MARC ANTHONY GmbH- Hamburg, REGENT TAILOR, Thomas Riemer Gloves, FALKE, JOHN CROCKETT, EnVie Fashion, FALSTAFF

In this blog, I will share my inspirations, ideas and thoughts about photography.